Case Study: GTO, Ontario

In 2012 I had the opportunity to do work with a delegated city council and its key Director in a small community north of Toronto. Principally the focus of the services was early childhood development. Through a network of service providers the Director was looking at Building Better Practice while maintaining expectations of city council.

One of the first strengths that I recognized was the value of a healthy annual budget. Because the service provision was nestled under a parent, the families that received services could rely on the program consistently. The second key strength I noticed was the strength of the team. People were passionate about their work and it showed in the interviews I conducted.

When working with the Director, the idea of Building Better Practice focused in on the team strength to continue to maintain an effective service delivery model. The evaluation of the organization resulted in some key coaching moments on employee retention, promotion, and autonomy. In particular we focused on training and development of newly graduated staff and the acculturation with values of the company to keep these staff engaged.

The greatest value of consultation within a complex structure is to draw from the current resources. The network had great strengths and we were able to build on this, and affirm the Directors’ goals, validate their Human Resources model and solidify a stronger employee retention system.

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