Case Study: Winnipeg

In the late winter/early spring of 2013 I had the great pleasure of working with an organization just outside of Winnipeg, Manitoba. A pillar of the community, this organization provided a range of services to the community for over 40 years. The CEO was also the original founder and continued to have the same passion she did at onset.

The organization had many strengths including a strong financial foundation, and focus on a newly forming Foundation as a separate governance model to support the organization’s sustainability into the future. As a First Nation organization, they also had great pride in the culture, traditions, and use of natural medicines with urban aboriginal youth in their communities, reconnecting them to their heritage. They had great experiences in Building Better Practice within their territories.

Most of the consultation I provided to the CEO was to support the great work that had been accomplished to date, and to ensure the organization’s sustainability. First and foremost key discussions focused on succession planning and the eventuality of the CEO moving to the Foundation, as an Advising Board member. I helped to set a five year plan in place for these purposes. Since the organization had struggled with cultural engagement with groups other than youth, we focused on a cultural competency and awareness Strategic Plan that could focus on working more closely with a network of community partners.

Building Better Practice was able to provide this CEO with a range of options for maintaining her legacy while transitioning operations to a new CEO. We together shared and learned a great deal through the coaching process how to determine ways to maximize and protect assets through capital infrastructure and governance models. These are elements I can now bring forward to your company, in consultation.

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