Company Check-up

Companies require ongoing evaluation and refinement. In these busy times, CEOs do not have the time to undertake lengthy analyses of the company culture. Building Better Practice takes care of this for you. Our exclusive Three Day page gives you the snapshot you need.


The 3-day exclusive package provides CEOs and Board of Directors with the tools, reports, and work plans to improve effectiveness of administration and efficiency of internal systems. Whether it be for risk management, strategic environmental scans, or executive succession planning, our coaching and facilitation style uncovers priceless consultation for you and your company.

What does it include?

  • Analysis of major administrative functions
  • Snapshot of areas concerning Risk-Management
  • Executive coaching and Stakeholder Evaluation included
  • Subtle and consultative Morale assessment of Staff
  • A brief evaluation of the Performance Management system
  • Report to Management team for Strategic Planning
  • Optional presentation to Board for Dashboard
how can we help you?

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“Building Better Practice contributed to the launch of the Vancouver Founder Institute Technology Business accelerator program.”

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