Case Study: Metro Vancouver

In Metro Vancouver, and throughout British Columbia I have supported dozens of organizations and companies. The common theme of working with these CEOs is they often crave a fresh perspective on the process of Building Better Practice.

Working with a company in Prince George, the CEO of Eagle Nest Community And Aboriginal Services Ltd. stated that we were “very thorough but flexible to our interpretation… he was very knowledgeable, helpful and respectful”. The main goal of supporting the work of this great organization was in strengthening the leadership team and maximizing the use of their evidence-based-research as a leader in their industry.

Working close to home with the CEO of the Canadian Mental Health Association (Vancouver-Fraser Branch), we used project management skills to assess and strengthen underling themes of best practice. “Using a coaching and facilitative style, John has helped bring structure and rigor to our organization’s leadership team in the areas of planning, policy development, health and safety development, and specifically in the area of performance management and improvement”. Together we identified and met key milestones for the project’s success.

Building Better Practice is focused on CEO development. During on-site visits however, we engage with various leaders, employees, and consumers to determine the hidden opportunities. It was easily visible to me that with a simple realignment this company could be more efficient. At the end of my first visit with a Surrey multi-cultural company it was clear that creating committee structures was the answer to build stronger engagement with all departments. According to the CEO, we “worked very hard to motivate, monitor and guide staff in order to ensure the society was efficiently meeting standards”. I am proud to state that this company wholeheartedly saw the value of Building Better Practice in helping them move forwards and increase their efficiency.

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