Team Culture: Five Ways to Kill a team

1. Ignore each other by staring at your computer all day.
We know that playing solitary is the best way to spend your entire day, right? Put down the mouse, take a stretch break, and walk down the hall to see who has five minutes to catch up. We are way too focused on our computer screens. Take a break! Build Better Practice.

2. Never ever have a meeting
Everybody just loves to be given a job description, a pen/pencil and put intina dark windowless room to develop policies. Uch. At least once a week move to the common space, collect key team members and have a huddle. Share updates, challenges, and successes. Altogether a team meeting will help you feel energized, better focused on the strategic path, and more connected to your team mates! Build Better Practice.

3. Work from home – Always
Now, this one is hard because we all love to have conference calls in our PJs and take advantage of the Freedom 30 program. This my friends is a great way to slip into depression. Yes, sometimes you can get more done at home, but one of the key functions of a great company is a team that works collaboratively. We are social creatures, we need proximity and social interaction to build our skills and strengthen our teams. Go back and read tip #2 and have a weekly in-person meeting. Build Better Practice.

4. Stop using email, remove skype, and definately start using Slack
There are many project management and communication tools out there but for team communication and project management all at once I would suggest giving Slack a try. From its early roots, it has developed into a replacement tool for thousands of trivial emails that can be bound more efficiently in a stream. Boy I wish I co-founded that company. Open up your team tools, embrace the power of efficient communication technology. Build Better Practice.

5. Always forget your team members’ names, their birthdays, and how they like their coffee
Teams are built on trust, right? Teams are developed through camaraderie, right? Therefore teams are built on personal connections. I see many static teams that function, but they function in a vacuum. Day in and day out, ‘do my job, look at the clock, and wait for the day to end’. Get up! Use your lunch break to find a colleague and take a walk. Learn about the next holiday they are planning. Share a good restaurant you recently went to. You don’t have to share secrets or spread rumours about colleagues to build a strong team, you need to reach out and Build Better Practice.

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