Three things I bet you’re not thinking about … oh my… Health and Safety

We all love WorkSafeBC! They protect us and our employees. They keep us valuing Insurance. They provide Prevention resources to ensure we stay alive at work. All excellent things. But here are three things you may not be 100% prepared for.

1. Changes with the BC Health & Safety Committees
As of April 1st 2017, the British Columbia legislation has changed and Health and Safety Committees have new requirements to follow. I am an expert in this area.

2. Reviewing of your Committees
Committees NOW need to complete an intensive Review of their Committee annually. Are you currently in compliance? I have completed these reviews for many organizations and I can help you.

3. Hiring an expert
Sure you can have one of your valuable staff take more time away from their busy schedules to do something they are not good at, or you can hire an expert like me to come in and save yourself months of work. What do you think is more efficient?

I can complete the evaluation required by WorkSafeBC in ONE DAY and as a Bonus, provide you with a Risk Management Report and Plan, and I will even throw in a whole bunch of free templates to strengthen your work. After all your employees are worth it.

Call 1-800-840-6132 or visit this link to book one of the 6 appointments remaining in April 2017.

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