Three ways to build a better customer base

I travel a lot. Each trip that I take I am impressed and disappointed. The efforts that companies take to market to you and get you in the front door are undoubtedly extremely important. In order to Build Better Practice, many companies however fall short in the following three areas. I hope this triggers a review of your company customer acquisition strategy.


1. Customer service
Customer service is not simply a smile. It also cannot be purely driven by a customer response strategy. Customer service is a predictive analysis that is behavioural and culturally competent. Your CS champion must be an expert in understanding the expectations of your customers. Culturally competent includes socially ethnic norms, gender preferences, generational expectations, and territorial awareness. You cannot make assumptions. To be proactive means you have to study human behaviour and develop charts for analysis.
2. Employee competency
Your front person is your asset and your liability. I recognize that top quality employees are not sprouting from every corner. It takes a combination of heart and mind to have the right attitude towards your work… maybe some passion as well. Assuming your spokesperson has these qualities you MUST bottle this and ensure every single person on the team has this competency. You ideally have the belief system to train, coach, mentor, develop, and empower your employees every single day. Through traditional Human Resource performance strategies it is important to not pigeonhole or robotocize your employees; instead, you must re-align your own organizational cultural expectations to keep your customers engaged with you.
3. Customer retention
Customer recruitment through traditional means and great customer service and employee competency is not the end of the process. Customer churn is an emotionally intelligent variable that is further bound by innovation, feedback, relationship building, curated experience, and most importantly in my opinion standing out from the competition. You do not need to be a boutique service to benefit from their lesson plan. Boutique services thrive because of customer specialization. They may only target a specific niche, but your challenge is now to recreate the boutique attitude for every single one of your ten, hundred, or million customers.
In an emerging technological marketplace this provides you with an opportunity. Data collation, automation, and analysis are now easier and cheaper to access than ever before. Before you start on a journey of Front End customer acquisition PLEASE make sure you develop the backend of customer maintenance. Who cares if you sell to 100 customers when 35 say it stinks. Those 35 people will drag you down with the ease and power of today’s social media.
If you truly want to stand out and Build Better Practice let us help your strip your strategy to its skeleton so together, through customer experience feedback, my team can help you to repackage and thrive in your special space.
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