White paper: Performance Improvement

Building Better Practice utilizes a range of systemic models in the enactment of its Three Day onsite checkup. One of the key ingredients of the Building Better Practice model is the product that focuses the data that has been collected. Ultimately, the framework I use harnesses an opportunity for a company to improve its performance.

Performance Improvement is an ongoing process whose terminology can be confusing. Often when someone hears the term “Performance”, defensiveness may arise at the use of this word as often the perception is that it is based on the recipients feeling of inadequacy. Supervision that is based on fear is not a functional strategy for human resources. Instead, the term performance however should be treated as a “collective” strategy whereas the sum is greater that its parts. Yes it is a manager’s role to support the improvement of an employee’s performance but it is the job of the CEO to look at Performance Improvement for the Company.

The ultimate resource provided to the CEO after completing the Building Better Practice onsite review is a corporate dashboard that acts as a performance improvement tracking system. With clear guidelines, milestones, and key performance indicators (KPI) for the CEO to monitor, performance improvement can be monitored. These metrics are often in alignment with a Strategic Plan, but they do not have to be.

Overall, performance improvement is a focus area, where KPI are monitored closely and strategies implemented to reach the intended target. Our focus when supporting your growth in this area is to identify areas that require targets and help to create an appropriate roadmap to improve the effectiveness of your services to your customers, and the efficiency of the operations of the company to reduce waste.

The Building Better Practice Three Day onsite checkup provides the opportunity for improvement in a customized configuration with a dashboard that enriches the information a CEO has to build his/her direction forward.

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